About Bob

Bob has been a photographer over 30 years. He started with a Pentax K1000 using black & white film that he processed and printed himself in his own darkroom.  In 2000, Bob switched to digital when he got an Olympus C-2020Z. In 2003 He got a Canon Digital SLR and his interest in photography was reborn. Over the last twelve years, he has been refining his craft with the experience of the past and the knowledge of the digital format. He primarily works in the studio doing portraits, still life and macro work although his real love is out in the field shooting wildlife.


High quality portraits can be a crap shoot. You can go to a big box store photo studio but you can not count on the quality you are going to get. Most chain photo studios have, in my opinion a flawed business model. They make you choose one shot to base your package on and if you want another shot, it will cost you a bunch more. I don’t believe in this structure and never have. I feel you should be able to choose the shots you want and only pay for what you like.


Studio & Stock Photography

Studio and stock photography make up a large part of my portfolio. Studio work is a unique skill that takes a long time to master. It is unlike any other photographic genres. I have spent much of my photographic time refining and perfecting my product and stock photos. Most of my stock photos are available on I also do commission studio work for your specific requirements. If you need product, macro or other studio work, I can meet your needs.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photography has grown immensely over the last 10 years mainly due to the advent of digital cameras. Many real estate agents are shooting photos themselves instead of seeking out professionals. You might as well perform surgery on yourself. Real estate photography is a very specialized process that requires special skills and equipment to properly show off your property.  Indoor shots are particularly difficult to put your potential buyers in the rooms. You can actually do more harm than good by not properly shooting your property. You may actually prevent potential buyers from ever visiting your property.

Real Estate