Practical Guide to Web Development

Want to really understand Web Development but don't know where to start. are you overwhelmed by technical buzz words such as NodeJs and JQuery?

You probably know the end result you want: To understand the whole enchilada of Web Development.

The Web development arena is vast and it is ever growing. There is no way for any one person to know it all. There is one critical skill and that is a practical understanding of the whole space. It doesn't matter if you are a designer, a content author or perhaps someone that has been tasked to bring the whole thing together. With the knowledge you get from this course, you will have an understanding of all the major areas of Web development and the highly important touch points.

I start you off with some of the key concepts of successful web design. Some of these are often overlooked such as the development lifecycle and Search engine optimization. Others you may know something about but are not sure how it impacts the success of your site. The first section of this course gives you the foundation you need to get your site off the ground

Next, I go over web security and how it has become a major topic of discussion and concern for anyone involved with Internet technologies.

The last section goes over all of the technologies that make up websites and applications. By the end of this course, you will know what each of the technologies are and what they do. This course does not intend to teach you how to write or use any of these but instead gives you enough understanding about each to know where you want to focus your learning next.

This course is all about understanding. Once you have that the rest is up to you. Do you want to learn to code it yourself or farm that work out to someone else. You will have the skills to make that decision and be well on your way to becoming a first class developer.

Build Responsive Web Designs

With No Code Using Macaw

Have you always wanted to build dazzling and responsive Websites from the ideas you have imagined but didn't have or want to devote the time to dig into HTML and CSS code? Or maybe you are a designer that is tired of paying a coder to mock up your designs to present to your customers. Or perhaps you are a seasoned coder who wants to be able to mock up a design quickly and then manipulate the code later on.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then Macaw may be the answer. In this course, I will lead you through the tools and user interface of Macaw and show you how to build a real world Web design that could actually be put into production with very little extra effort.

Did you know that mobile devices have outpaced the desktop market. This means that you have to make your Web presence responsive to these smaller screens. This course will teach you how to take your design and make it "Responsive" to all sizes including the mobile market which as of July of 2015 represents over 51% of all Internet users.

Digital Photography 101

Get Professional Quality Images Now

Digital Photography 101 is a beginning level introduction into photography in our digital world. This course is tailored to beginners but intermediate photographers will also find lots of nuggets of information.

This course is broken down into 44 short easily digestible lessons over 6 sections that make learning photography a simple and enjoyable experience.

In this course, I will teach:

  • how cameras work and how to use them.
  • basics of exposure
  • using ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • camera light meters and how to effectively use them to get an accurate exposure
  • Lenses
  • focus and autofocus
  • depth of field.

I then go over all forms of lighting such as:

  • natural light
  • how to use a flash when the ambient light isn't ideal.
  • White Balance

I then go over composition so you can get truly stunning images as opposed to snapshots.

I finish off with choosing equipment that will meet your needs and keep you within your budget.

So come on board and journey into the fun and creative world of digital photography.